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Elevio Modifications's Terms and Conditions Policy

• Without my written permission, you are not allowed to resell any of my items or alter them in any way.

• Any of my products, whether they are bought or free, cannot have my credits erased.

• I reserve the right to decline to sell my products to you at any moment.

• Unless I specifically request a refund, all payments made are final and nonrefundable.

• You are not allowed to participate in any leaker discords or affiliate with any leakers' websites.

• Unless it's a commission, all payments must be done through my website. In that case, alternative types of payments are permitted.

• The Terms of Service for Elevio Modifications are subject to change at any moment and for any cause.

• If any of the above ToS is broken it will result in a warning, and then ban or blacklisted from Elevio Modifications!

Elevio Modifications

Elevio Modifications was founded on 25/01/2022 by Dominik the CEO. We specialize in FiveM EUPs & Liveries for PD!

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